What is editing?

To edit any piece of writing means to go through it comprehensively to check for any errors in grammar or spelling. You may think that the use  of a spell checker will be sufficient, but even with a spell checker errors can be easy to miss. For example a spell checker will not recognise that “their” has been used instead of “there”, or “bare”  instead of “bear”. The grammar check also sometimes fails to recognise the fine nuances of English syntax correctly.

So an experienced eye can help to get rid of any potentially embarrassing typos or grammatical inconsistencies.

E-Book Conversion

E-books are published in a number of different formats so that they can be read on electronic devices. For example, in order for any book to be published on Amazon it has to be converted to the Kindle format. This is not as simple as it sounds as the conversion requires a comprehensive knowledge of document formatting.

I am able to convert any word document into any of the following formats:


Kindle  (.azw3; .azw; .kf8)







I can also resize and convert images into any of the following formats: