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I am not a scientist or a doctor – I am an average woman with a curious mind and the blessing of intelligence. I enjoy being healthy, as I certainly find that living is much more pleasurable when free from pain or discomfort.

Good health, I initially thought, was a lottery, largely a matter of genetics and good luck. But the older I got the more aware I became that the odds of winning the “Good Health Lottery” could be increased in my favour by approaching the idea of a healthy body with a good dose of common sense.

First I looked at what external factors could affect my body. I identified three things:

  1. What I did
  2. What I ate
  3. Where I came from

I couldn’t change the last one, but I certainly had control over the other two! And as I came to understand, by being in control of my diet and my lifestyle I could diminish the potential dangers inherent in the third factor, my genetics – in my case, Osteoporosis.

So it looked like I might have a good chance of getting a winning ticket!

My next step had to be to address the first two factors, understand them and take control of them.

What I Did

This was the most difficult area to get to grips with as it in some cases consisted of giving up things I really enjoyed, like being lazy, but I had to accept that keeping them was not a good idea if I wanted that winning ticket!

So first I gave up smoking – that was definitely a no-no! I don’t even have to tell you why, the message has finally reached us all I think!

Then I forced myself to walk – fast – everywhere!!! “Use it or lose it” became my mantra. By walking I was able to include exercise in my daily routine without having to schedule it for a specific time and place.

Lastly I looked at the things in my life that were causing me the greatest stress. I began by applying common sense to these issues, reasoning that it was senseless to worry about something I could not change, and then by making a concerted effort to change what I could.

I accepted and put to one side what I could not change.

I changed whatever I could, and as a result have ended up living a fairly stress free life.

What I Ate

It is no more than logical to assume that as our bodies need nutrition as fuel, the quality of that fuel can ultimately affect how well the machine we occupy works.

The body needs the right kind of fuel for optimum performance, right? I got that!

But then as I began to look at what a good diet should be there were all these pieces of information that came flying at me – eat this, don’t eat that.


My curiosity kicked in. I wanted to know what foods were best for me, and why! Who was giving me this information? How had they arrived at their conclusions? Could they be trusted?

So I began by looking at fruit – wonderful fruit – nature’s health bombs from Nature’s Powerhouse!

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That is the place from which I started on my journey to discover what exactly the fruits of nature have within them that could benefit my quality of life. The more I learned the more I wanted to know, and the more I knew the more I wanted to share what I had found out.

The result is the following collection of little books, books to help people understand what these wonderful fruits contain and, as we are all different, which ones could be of benefit to your personal circumstances. Just click on the covers to see each of these books in the Kindle Store on Amazon.


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